• Our team of 7 immigration specialists has over 65 combined years' experience in the field.

  • You can count on Sgier + Partner's immigration specialists to be available to you similar to an internal department within your own company.

  • „Going the extra mile“ to our employees means providing the client with more than expected.


  • Worth it to your company: Legal Advice by Sgier + Partner


Sgier + Partner employs more than 20 employees in Switzerland. Attracting the best immigration and relocation specialists is vital for the success of Sgier + Partner and thus for our clients.


Apart from the enthusiasm for the work, it is the expertise, attitude and talent which lead to excellent service and thus client satisfaction. Accordingly, we place great value to the development of our employees and set high standards when it comes to the qualification, integrity, creativity and work practise. Our employees have a good education, years' of experience in their chosen professional field. Multilingual to us does not only mean speaking German and English, it also means: French, Italian, Spanish, Romansh, Bengali, Hindi, Malayam, Portuguese and Danish.




Antonia Sgier, Founder and owner
Management of the Business Unit "Immigration and Legal Services", 20 years' of Immigration Expertise.

René Rey, owner
Management of the Business Unit "Settlement", Relocation Services, Sales and Marketing, HR, CIT.


Thomas Marks, Relocation Manager

Competence Team: Immigration Services

Antonia Sgier, Management

lic.iur. Michael Schermbach, Attorney at Law; Senior Legal Immigration Consultant

Rino Cavegn, Blaw

Michael Kübler, Senior Immigration & Tax Consultant

Jean-Claude Ruppen, Immigration Business Controller


Competence Team: Relocation and Settlement

René Rey, Management

Thomas Marks, Relocation Manager

Ulrich Bosshart, Senior Relocation Consultant

Gabriela Laasner, Senior Relocation Consultant

Walter Käser, Senior Relocation Consultant

Karin Teuffer, Senior Relocation Consultant

Paul Müller, Senior Relocation Consultant

Isabelle Baur, Senior Relocation Consultant

Catherine De Peri, Senior Relocation Consultant


When it comes to large company moves or 'group moves' Sgier + Partner works together with selected established freelance consultants who meet our qualitative standards.



Endrit Sadriji