Permit quota numbers for 2018

von René Rey (Kommentare: 0)

Increase in quotas for 2018 for assignees and hires from non-EU/EFTA states and assignees from the EU/EFTA countries

A total of 4500 permits are reserved for L short-term permits of stay. The 500 extra B permits will be allocated to the federal quota in order to enable the federal government to flexibly manage the additional need in the various cantons on request.

Quotas for assignees from EU / EFTA countries
The quotas for 2018 will be 3000 L short-term permits. This is an additional of 1000 quotas compared to the numbers for 2017. The authorities will grant 500 B long- term permits, this is an additional of 250 quotas compared to this year’s quota.
The quarterly allocation will be maintained.


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